Barbiselle The company works with various schools and colleges by organizingtraining workshops at your facility: If you are interested you can contact us via the contact page.

Here are a few institutions with which Barbiselle works and some images of theTrainees.

  • Agricultural Technical Institute "Stanga" - Via Milano 24 - Cremona, Italy (Web)
  • University of Parma - Via Università 12 - Parma, Italy (Web)
  • Maison Familiale-4 Rural Route de la Roche - Bournezeau, France (Web)
  • Agricultural Technical Institute "N. Pellegrini" Via Bellini, 5 - 07100 Sassari (Web)

Cugusi Marco (Agricultural Technical Institute "N. Pellegrini")
Dau Angelo (Agricultural Technical Institute "N. Pellegrini")




Pasini Giada (Degree in Equine Science and Technology, University of Parma)




Simone Chiodelli (Agricultural Technical Institute Stanga)





Nadia Fornasari (Degree in Equine Science and Technology, University of Parma) by Marco Galli (Equine IndustryEmanuele Mantelli (Head of Livestock) e Francesco Manara (Cattle Industry)




Julie Chauvin e Madeline Adam (MFR Bournezau) with Francesco Manara, Emanuele Mantelli and Marco Gallifront of the box of the stallion Friendly Face




Suzanne van Kollenburg from  Van Hall Larenstein University of Professional Education - Wageningen Netherlands